R-Spinasome® Complex

Innovative skin care backed by science. That is the promise of Purgenesis. The result of over 15 years of research, Purgenesis is the only skin care line containing the R-Spinasome® complex, an active structure of thylakoids extracted from organic green leaves.

Heralding the same proprietary approach used in the development of botanical pharmaceuticals, R-Spinasome®, delivers unique anti-oxidant properties giving your skin an unprecedented long-lasting youthful glow supported by clinical studies carried out by leading Canadian dermatologists.

The skin is continuously exposed to internal and external factors that can cause damage and accelerate skin aging. Oxidative stress from free radicals or Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) is considered to be a major contributor to the process of aging. The unique structure of the R-Spinasome® complex is critical to its function as an anti-oxidant, capable of capturing ROS, neutralizing it by dissipating the damaging energy generated and then returning to its original state where it is ready to repeat the cycle over and over again. It is this dynamism and capacity to regenerate that provides R-Spinasome® with unprecedented long-lasting antioxidant protection.


  • Active structure extracted from organic green leaves
  • Ability to capture and dissipate noxious energy generated by reactive oxygen species (ROS)
  • Capacity to regenerate provides the R-Spinasome® complex an unprecedented durable anti-oxidant activity

The Purgenesis Anti-aging Care treatment was extensively studied and has demonstrated:

  • Superior and longer lasting anti-oxidant protection than leading anti-aging creams
  • High levels of skin hydration
  • Noticeably increased skin firmness
  • Visible reduction in the area and total length of wrinkles
  • Improved overall facial appearance