The Purgenesis Anti-Aging treatment consists of a day, night and eye care cream.


Begin your morning routine by cleansing the skin followed by gently smoothing the day cream on the face and neck using light circular movements. Using your fingertip, then apply a small amount of the eye care cream around the contour of each eye until the cream is completely absorbed avoiding contact with your eyes.


Following cleansing of the skin in the evening, gently smooth the night care cream over the face and neck using the same light circular movements to ensure full coverage and penetration.

Washing your hands before application is always advised. The metal spatula included with the Purgenesis Anti-Aging treatment, allows for better control over the quantity of product used at each application and helps to maintain the quality of the product over time.

The Purgenesis Anti-Aging treatment is packaged in Miron Violetglass to optimise the preservation of the product’s bioactive compounds. Research has shown that the bio-energy (or lack of decay) of botanical materials stored in Miron Violetglass is significantly higher than when the material is stored in classical containers such as plastic, clear or amber glass. Proudly, our packing is also 100% recyclable.


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